#day300 – hot chocolate with cheese

I can be really disgusting when it comes to food experiments. I eat almost everything and I love to try gross things. I should actually participate in the German TV Show Dschungelcamp, where I can try crocodile penis. Problem is, I’m not famous enough (yet).

To be honest my food experience today wasn’t that disgusting. Since there’s not much to do in Bogota apart from an old town stroll and a few museums we joined a food tour. It should be an introduction to Columbian food specialities. Well, we didn’t learn that much about the food.

And I knew most of the snacks already. Empanadas, Arepas, Dulce de Leche, cheese balls… that’s nothing new for me. But I still can’t get used to the fact, that they combine cheese bread with jam. Almost everything is a sweet-savoury mixture here. Cheese cheese cheese. No food without it. Wouldn’t be a problem at all, but cheese here is a tasteless chunk. I miss a good old Gouda. That’s real cheese.

Hot chocolate with cheese. My food experiment today. A Columbian speciality. A decent 300th first time. I haven’t seen it Southamerica before. It actually sounds worse than it is. Due to a tasteless so called Mozarella there wasn’t a big difference to a normal hot chocolate. I wouldn’t call it good though. One is enough.

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