#day299 – Columbian cat content

Wohoo, I knew there must be something good here. When there’s one really amazing thing about Bogota it’s definetely the street art. I haven’t seen such good murals since Buenos Aires. Huge perfectly made murals. I’m a fan of colors and street art here is impressively colorful.

I’m not interested in cat content, I’m not interested in cats at all. I don’t like them. Columbian cat content is pretty cool though. I didn’t know there’re so many famous comic cat characters. And this is just half of the mural. Since it’s painted over a corner I couldn’t get a shot of the entire art piece.

And this is just one of many wonderful murals. I would have love to document all of them. But Bogota isn’t the best place to show your phone on the street. I don’t want to be negative. The thing is, Bogota makes me somehow nervous. We won’t get best friends. I can’t wait to leave the city actually.

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