#day298 – strolling through Bogotá

Even though everything went well in the end, my first day in Columbia’s capital wasn’t the best. The traffic in the center is horrible. Well, our bus was still on time, nothing to complain.

The first real problem was finding our hostel. We had just the name and no address and our taxi driver was at least 100 years old. Bad combination. We ended up in an industrial area with no tourists at all and had to take a second taxi to the right place.

Second downer was the room. I’m definitely not picky but this was an impertinence. Please, only a nice bed after the horror trip I had. First time I had to ask if I might change the room. Even if I hate to do it, good decision. The second room (still without window) was a pleasure in comparison.

A stroll through the old town should turn the day into a nice one finally. Well, difficult. The square, which you can see on the picture is the most beautiful in town. The main pedestrian precinct is ugly. The buildings have been modern 30 years ago. Today they’re just ugly. No colonial buildings at all.

Not to forget the horrible weather. Cold and rainy. No, gracias. Proper food, a Mojito and a mulled wine let me feel better though. My plan for tomorrow? Finding something nice in Bogota.

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