#day297 – Ecuadorian farewell thoughts

I’m usally pretty keen to cross the border to a new country. I’m looking forward to new people, new landscapes, a new currency and new food (more or less). This time is the first time though I’m kind of melancholic to leave the country.

There’s a feeling, that I’m not done with Ecuador. I’m not really ready to move on.
A short stay of a bit less than three weeks might be the reason for it. I’ve visited four totally different but all of them wonderful places in Ecuador. The start in the surfer town Montanita, a lot of outdoor fun in Baños, wildlife spotting in the Amazon and Quito’s beautiful old town in the end. I had such a good time here.

Today I hopped on the bus for a more than 24 hours ride from capital to capital. I’ll be in Columbia’s capital Bogota already tomorrow in the afternoon. I haven’t heard really good things about the city. It might be another reason why I’m not that happy as I usually am when it comes to metropolitan cities.

But I don’t want to be too suspicious. I’ll give it a chance. And I’m definitely looking forward to the Caribbean coast. I’m looking forward to my time in Columbia in general. It’s the best country in Southamerica. That’s what every traveller told me since I started my journey in Argentina. Should be somehow true. Columbia, here I come.

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