#day296 – on a horseback to the volcano

I actually wanted to climb Cotopaxi in Ecuador, one of the highest still active volcanos in the world. With an altitude of almost 6000 meteres it’s just the second highest volcano in Ecuador, but Chimborazo isn’t active anymore. Cotopaxi seems to be the more exciting experience for sure.

But anyways I hadn’t enough time unfortunately. I have to be in Columbia soon and a day trip would have been more stress than fun. The little volcano Pichincha right next to Quito was the perfect alternative for my last day in Ecuador.

There’s a cable car up to a mountain from where you’re more or less at the foot of the volcano. You can walk around the volcano and you’re able to enjoy a view of several more mountains in the region. When weather is good, you can even see Cotopaxi. I was lucky.

Way better was the view from my horse though. I’m talking about a horseback ride since Bolivia. Today was the day to do it finally. There won’t be a better chance, the scenery was just too unique. Do you remember Brokeback Mountain? It’s nothing in comparison with what I’ve seen today. Well, let’s say at least the same level of beautiness.

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