#day295 – sitting on the equator

Ecuador is the only country in whole Southamerica where it’s easy to identify the equator, because the line lies along the Andes and not in the middle of the rainforest. That’s why a French expedition team in the early 18th century marked a point close to Quito as a position on the equator.

Nowadays there’s a 30 meters high monument, which is supposedly the most visited tourist attraction in Ecuador. I didn’t want to miss it, too. I think it’s kind of cool to know, you were standing directly on the equator once. A thing you can tell your grandchildren one day.

Well, actually I didn’t. I mean, I’ve been up on the monument and I even balanced on the marked yellow line, but you have to know, the French expedition team made a mistake. GPS teaches us today, the real equator line is 240 meter north of the monument. In reality I haven’t been with both legs on the two different hemispheres of our world. I was standing on the southern hemisphere.

I mean, who cares about a few meters. In the end the experience is the same. And I  had heaps of fun making jokes in the middle of the world.

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