#day294 – sunrise over river Cuyabeno

We had to leave the Amazon already again. Four days without internet, 24 hours power and a proper shower sounded tough at the beginning but wasn’t a problem at all in the end. We had four sunny days in the jungle and needed our rain ponchos only once. Furthermore we spotted many animals, including pink dolphins, two sloths and a caiman. An anaconda would have been the completion, but I’m happy. Well invested money.

The last activity on the list was a quite  special one. Watching the sunrise over river Cuyabeno while we were in the boat on a lagoon. What an impressive sky. The intensity of colors is definitely different in the jungle. The additional silence made it to a magical moment for me. The whole boat enjoyed the situation without talking for minutes.

I always miss friends and family when I watch sunsets or sunrises far away from home. Are we both looking into the sky at the same time, maybe thinking of each other? It’s a nice imagination and sometimes also reality, as I guess.

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