#day293 – baking yuca bread

Day three in the Amazon. With one of my personal highlights of the tour. The visit of a local community. A group of 60 people who still live in the jungle. They don’t look like aboriginal people. I mean they don’t bounce naked through the jungle. But they live in basic small wooden houses without running water.

To get a little insight of their everyday life we prepared and ate lunch together. First of all we harvested yuca. One of the community woman cutted the plant with a knife and we had to peel the fruit. After we made flour by grating and drying the yuca fruit, everyone had the possibility to bake an own bread over the open fire.

I failed a bit as my bread fell apart while I was turning it around. It was way too big anyway. And it didn’t change the delicious taste. We filled it with selfmade tuna salad and ate it with hearts of palm, banana chips and sugar cane. I love such food experiences.

As if we weren’t already pretty stuffed, we even made a little dessert. Chocolate balls with Ecuadorian cacao beans. Roasting, peeling, crushing, molding and ready was the chocolate ball. Yummy. Thank God, we took the boat back to the lodge. I couldn’t move at all anymore.

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