#day292 – Amazon wildlife expedition

After we arrived by boat in the jungle it was time to explore the Amazon by feet today. A real little jungle expedition so to say. There’re animals, which you can’t spot from the river because they’re too small or they prefer the dry hinterland. Snakes and spiders for example.

I wasn’t wondering when we got rubber boots. It’s the jungle. Even though you have finest sun when you start, the weather changes from one second to another. It didn’t rain in the end but we got wet from the ground.

We had to wade through swamp land. Nasty swamp land. The stinky brownish water didn’t look deep and woops…you stood in mud up to your flanks. Your rubber boots filled with muddy water and microbial animals. Gross.

Everyone was laughing when someone stepped in a hole and started cursing. I was happy to have at least one dry foot for almost all the way. And then I took the wrong foot. That was a yell. No wonder we couldn’t see many animals afterwards.

Well, we saw some medium sized spiders, a little snake, a tree full of caterpillars, yellow frogs and a few deep blue butterflies. Nothing really big though. Most of the wildlife was probably in my rubber boots.

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