#day290 – getting ready for the Amazon

Three times in Brazil and I’ve never made it to the Amazon. Then Bolivia and Peru and I couldn’t go again. I mean I could had, but the gateway to the Amazon is far away from everything in both countries. It’s not only expensive to get there, it takes you ages as well.

Ecuador is finally the place, that allows me a short jungle visit. I’ve been in the jungle in Asia but the Amazon jungle is something special. For me it is the jungle of all jungles. The world’s jungle so to say. I’m freaking keen to be there already tomorrow morning after a night in the bus.

One of the wildlife highlights in this part of the Amazon are pink dolphins. Fresh water dolphins with a belly, that turns pinkish when they’re active. Isn’t it great? There’s no guarantee to see them of course but I’m also fine with a caiman or a sloth. And some monkeys.

Whatever we’re going to spot, I already bought a few Amazon postcards today with many animal pictures. Means I have to see at least one of those animals. Well, the grasshopper should be easy. Whereas I would love to write my niece and grandparents a more exciting story. Wish me luck.

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