#day289 – whitewater rafting

Alright, another adventurous day in Baños is coming to an end. Trying waterrafting is a long wished and long planned thing on my list. To make it even more special, it should be the last adventure I’m going to have in Baños. The perfect ending of an outdoor activity stay so to say.

I actually didn’t really know, that there’re different levels of difficulty until we went to the agency. Now I know, that there’re levels from 1 to 5, whereas 5 is the one for professionals. The level depends on the river.

The rivers around Baños are a 3+. Perfectly beginner rivers, as the agency guy let us know. I’m just asking myself why level 1 and 2 exists then? Whatever, I thought I could handle the river and yeah I did.

Although it wasn’t a real sports trip, it was fun. Almost everyone in our boat with nine people fell at least one time out of the boat and into the river. I didn’t, but due to a strong current and some rapids I was completely wet, too. Not a problem at all, weather was good and and we had wet suits.

That was a nice final for an exciting stay in Ecuador’s outdoor fun city. Waterrafting is one of those things I would love to do again somewhere else. Maybe level 4 for the second time. I’m not a beginner anymore you know.

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