#day287 – ziplining extreme

I’m actually not a person, who enjoys  extreme sports. I don’t need the thrill, I get my fun nevertheless. When travelling in Southamerica it’s all about outdoor adventures though. I was able to ignore them up to here, but now it’s time. You can’t visit Baños without having outdoor fun.

Well, alright, I give one or two activities, which aren’t too risky a chance. Baños offers canyoning, bungee jumping or paragliding for example. Tough stuff. I decided to try ziplining. At least a bit more thrilling than horseback riding.

Besides I chose ziplining extreme. It means, I did two of the fastest lines in the area. In between the ziplining parts I had to cross a long swing bridge and climb up a steep mountain to get from one line to the other.

Now I know flying over a canyon like superman is heaps of fun, but really thrilling is rock climbing when you’re 500 meters above the ground and just secured with a thin little steel rope. Uff, that was the part when I started sweating. I’m proud I did it but I’m not sure if I need a second time. I might try something else. Maybe horseback riding.

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