#day285 – overlooking a Southamerican spa town

Ten days at the beach are over. I’m back in the mountains for some adventurous  stuff. The place where I arrived after a long night in the bus is funnily called Baños, the Spanish word for bathroom. Actually it’s Aqua de Baños, water of the bathroom. Even more funnier.

It’s a cute spa town in the middle of Ecuador. My first spa town experience in Southamerica, but it’s kind of similar to an European spa town. There’re many thermal baths, massage studios and spa places. The water for the thermal baths comes from the waterfalls in the mountains. A big one is right next to our hostel.

As the first thing to do we decided to go for a little hike to the best lookout over town. Including a volcano view. The hike started just behind our hostel and lasted for round about one hour.

Wasn’t too exhausting, but the view wasn’t too spectacular, as well. A bit cloudy here. But I’m looking forward to all the adventures we’re going to do the next days. I’ll keep you updated.

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