#day284 – heart shaped nutella pancakes

It’s all about pancakes when you’re backpacking in Southeastasia. I heard people saying they’re on the banana pancake route when the traveled from Thailand to Singapore. Just because pancakes are the typical western breakfast over there. I never eat pancakes for breakfast at home but I loved to have a pancake breakfast in Southeastasia. A banana chocolate pancake.

It’s different in Southamerica. There’re typical backpacker routes as well, but pancakes are way less important. The typical breakfast in a hostel are two buns with butter and jam and a coffee. That’s it. I miss pancakes but I don’t buy them as a snack. Sure, they’re super cheap in Thailand, but that’s not the case in Southamerica.

Here in Ecuador I’m back in pancake heaven though. There’re many pancake stalls on the street and you can get every pancake option you can imagine.

I chose a classic combination for my first Southamerican pancake. Nutella and strawberries. Oh my god, my first nutella after I left Berlin. Almost impossible, but with the shape of a heart they tasted even better. I’ll never brush my teeth again.

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