#day282 – spotting a humpback whale

I love whales. A whale watching tour is on my bucket list since ages, but I had never been in the right season in the right place. In Montanita rain season means whale season though. Finally my chance to see one of those giants.

It was horrible. Such a shame, but I couldn’t enjoy the tour at all. First of all it was raining cats and dogs. Well, I’m actually already used to it and we’ll get wet on the boat anyway. Even more annoying was our guide. He wasn’t able to explain the informations with a normal voice. He was screaming and I got headache after five minutes.

The worst of all was my sea sickness though. After a couple of boad rides without problems I thought I’m over it. Now I know I’m not. I didn’t puke but I sat two hours at the end of the boat and wanted to die. My stomach felt like a little stone.

At least I had a seat where I could spot some humpback whales. The whales showed most of the time just their fins or a little fountain. They didn’t jump out of the water. My expectations were so high, I was a bit depressed afterwards. This can’t be my last whale experience.

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