#day281 – first surf

I had some serious thoughs about taking a real surf lesson. The fact, that it needs quite a long time to see a first little success on the board let me doubting so far. When I got the offer for a body board though, I thought it could be a beginning.

And so I made my first surfing experience today. There’s no need for a surf teacher on a body board but I haven’t been alone in the waves. I got a little help of someone who pushed me into the waves, which was pretty good. The waves weren’t that small today and it would had been hard to get out in the open sea.

To be honest, I’m a bit hooked now. I had so much fun and surfed some good waves. As good as an amateur knows what a good wave means, but nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot riding my pinkish board.

I guess I won’t start real surfing on this trip. I just don’t spend enough time at the beach to take some serious lessons. But when I return to Australia, what I actually really want to do, I’ll think about it again.

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