#day280 – happy hour hopping extreme

What to do when you’re on vacations and it’s raining the whole day? Well, I think it’s the permission to start drinking in the afternoon already. I don’t mean hardcore drinking. I mean having a little cocktail. Something to cheer you up.

Rain season here in Montanita just started but the weather is nothing else than horrible. Due to more or less constant rain during the last days the path to our hostel turned into a muddy mess. I should actually wear rubber boots. And it seems that it is not getting better. We talked to locals. It’s kind of normal for this time of the year.

The thing about beach towns is, that there’s not much to do apart from lying at the beach. That’s why we ended up checking out Montanita’s bar scene today. We know almost all of them after today. Montanita is small.

The good thing about off-season are the prices. Happy hour offers whereever you’re going to. Pay one get two. Nice deal, especially for Pisco Sour. It’s definitely my Southamerican drink. Many good memories with that stuff.

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