#day279 – colorful coast in Ecuador

It wasn’t the best start in Ecuador regarding to the weather. I’m in a small surfer town called Montanita on the west coast now. Yeah, I hop from surfer town to surfer town. Actually pretty cool, but it rained the whole day. The whoooole day. And sun is nowhere more important than at the beach.

Well, when there’s no beach time, you have time to check out restaurants and activities in town and try to figure out what are the differences in Ecuador. A really touristy town makes it difficult though to discover specialities of a country. Hamburger, Pizza, Pasta. Hard to get authentic food.

The only more or less authentic food you can get is totally overpriced ceviche. Raw fish with onions and roasted corn in kind of a lemon milk. People love it or hate it. I like it a lot, but not for eight Euros from a street food stall.

It’s the first time I see someone selling ceviche out of a waggon. And it’s not only a waggon. It’s a yellow box on wheels with a big sun shade above. Twenty waggons next to each other in a line. Montanita has a so called ceviche street. Expensive fun. At least they make Montanita colorful and cheer me up when it’s raining.

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