#day278 – at the Ecuadorian border

Four weeks Peru are over. A canyon,  trekking to Machu Picchu, an oasis with sand dunes, the capital Lima and a lovely little surfer town at the beach. I had a great time but as always I’m looking forward to a new country. Ecuador, my 6th Southamerican country, here I come.

I entered Peru during the night and I left it  in the middle of the night. Border crossings in the night aren’t really funny. But since my first stop in Ecuador is 12 hours away it makes sense. Queuing for hours and filling out endless papers while you’re totally tired is annoying.

Lucky me, the bus was half empty and we had been the only travellers at the border. It was the fastest border crossing I ever had. I wanted to get rid of my last Peruvian coins, but the chocolate automat worked already with Dollars only.

Do you know, that the US Dollar is the official currency in Ecuador? Since 2000. I’m not sure, but I guess a heavy inflation caused the currency change. I own Dollars for the first time in my life, which is kind of cool. I only hope it doesn’t mean, everything is a bit more expensive here. We’ll see.

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