#day277 – playing giant yenga

Yenga is a big thing in Southamerica. Many bars and restaurants have one for their guests. The size of the tower is always a bit different. And it’s actually never the original one. Quite often they’re selfmade. I just call it yenga because I don’t know how people call it here.

We played already yenga in Huacachina, in the oasis. A tiny little one. The stones were as big as my fingers. It didn’t make it really easy.

The giant yenga I played today wasn’t easier though. The tower was already half my body size when we started. Shortly before the tower broke down it was double my size. It’s quite often the same with yenga. You think the game is already over but it’s going on and on.

Same today. Since the selfmade stones weren’t really equal we thought it’s fair to cheat a bit and changed the stones whenever it was necessary. It was a looong game. But I built at least the highest yenga tower I’ve ever seen.

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