#day276 – riding a motor taxi

Sure, I had a dozen tuk tuk rides in Southeastasia and India. The local taxis here at the coast are a bit different though. They have a few tuk tuks here in Southamerica as well, but they are rare.

The so called moto taxi here is a normal motorbike with a waggon in the back. It’s open air but it has a roof. It fits three tourists or a Peruvian family with four kids. Everything is possible. And each of them looks individual. Many are detailed decorated, especially young male drivers love to decorate their ‘baby’ with skater prints. Female driver are seldom. I’ve seen one only.

You usally don’t need a taxi when you’re just walking around in Mancora. It’s pretty small and everything is in walking distance. The street market at the other end of the Panamerican road is the longest we had to walk so far. Today we decided to take one of those taxis to get back to the hostel. Just for fun.

It was fun. The ride itself wasn’t longer than five minutes, but the old driver was really happy to be our chaffeur. He laughed a lot. Perhaps because we paid double the price for a really short ride. Who cares. It was worth it.

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