#day275 – swimming with giant turtles

I’m still stoked. Definitely one of my Southamerican highlights so far. Swimming with giants turtles. My favorite animal when I was a child. Nowadays I’m too old to have a favorite animal. That’s what I thought, but now I’m not that sure anymore. Those turtles were gorgeous.

The tour started not really good though. We had to wait 30 minutes for others in the group. The place where they had breakfast had no change. Si claro. Then we had to drive for another 30 minutes and had to wait again for the boat. Quite a long time before anything serious happened.

It turned out that it was pretty good. We didn’t swim with turtles at the pier in a net as many others did. We joined the turtles in the open sea. Shortly after the guide threw some fish pieces into the water we were surrounded by more or less 20 giant turtles. And they weren’t shy at all.

Petting a turtle’s shell is an excitement, I can tell you. Feels good. The oldest and biggest one of all was 70 years. That’s what the guide said. Well, possibly. The old guy had sessiled shells on his own shell. And some around his mouth as well. Good looking grandpa turtle. Looks like as if I have a new favorite animal. Again.

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