#day273 – drinking Emoliente Especial

I tried a juice with Aloe Verá in Cusco. It was so disgusting, that I had to throw it away. I don’t throw away food in general. Even if it’s not tasty I try to finish it. This one wasn’t drinkable though. Definitely the ugliest drink I had in my whole life.

Since Aloe Verá is known as a plant, that makes beautiful skin I wanted to give it a second chance. I haven’t heard of Emoliente till today. It seems it’s a special drink in the north of Peru. And you can buy it in the night only. The street vendor shows up with his waggon when it gets dark. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s a good drink before going to bed.

Peruvians themselves call Emoliente a medicine. It has a healing impact on your body. I shared my drink with friends and had just a few sips. We’ll see what happens with me. It tasted like a warm juice. Neither super tasty nor super disgusting. Sweeter than the drink was the street vendor. Even smaller than me and seriously motivated to prepare a special version of his Emoliente for us. It will be the only Emoliente for me in Peru nevertheless.

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