#day271 – relaxing at waikiki beach

There’s no better preparation for a nightbus than relaxing at the beach. And it’s actually not only a nightbus. 17 hours on the Panamerican road along the Peruvian coast. One night and half a day.

The stay in Lima was a short one. I could spend a bit more time in town. Just to enjoy good coffee. And to see the old town, a part of Lima, which is not as modern and European as Miraflores or Barranco. But the excitement of heat and beach overweights.

We spent our last two hours at Lima’s so called beach. Beach is sand and palms for me. Hence Lima has actually no beaches. Rocks and water, nothing for a nice beach hangout. To call the beach Waikiki is a cheekiness. But we found a cute pier with a cozy wooden house to enjoy the sea breeze, while we observed huge crabs hanging out on the rocks. Nice last place before I’m heading north.

Next stop will be Mancora, a surfer town close to the Ecuadorian border. By the way I have to be happy I’ll reach the beach already tomorrow. One minute later and the bus would have been on the road without us. We got stuck in the traffic with the taxi and reached the bus terminal on departure time. That’s real stress. Don’t need that when on vacations. I need a proper sleep in the comfy bus now. See you at the beach, guys!

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