#day270 – strolling through Lima

And again. Against all sayings my first impression of Peru’s capital is a good one. I haven’t seen the old town, but Miraflores and Barranco, the districts where we have been today, are quite nice.

Both districts are located at the coast and definitely areas for the upper class and rich tourists. It’s all about restaurants, bars and shopping. Prices are similar to ours in Berlin. But after a long coffee detox I’m willing to pay three Euros for a real cappuccino.

The sunny weather helps for sure to sympathise with Lima. Everyone says it’s always cloudy. Could be the truth, the weather today was wonderful sunny though. We were strolling through the streets and took pictures of colorful houses, while we were enjoying crepe and frozen yoghurt.

It’s actually the only thing to do in Lima as a tourist. Walking and good food. Apart from a few museums and churches there’s nothing special to visit. That’s strange. Every city has at least one main attraction, but it seems Lima is the only one on earth without.

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