#day268 – Alfredo’s akward wine tasting

It wasn’t a real wine tasting actually. We didn’t learn how to drink wine in the right way or how you can taste the age or something like that. We only learnt to drink a lot of wine. But it was fun. Of course it was. Literally everyone was drunk in the end.

I had already a wine tasting in Mendoza, Argentina, but Ica is supposed to be the best wine region (or only) in Peru and I’m interested how the wine tastes up here. Furthermore the wines tours here are always in combination with pisco tasting. I didn’t know, that Pisco is made of grapes as well. The tour was truthfully worth the money, even though it was the sweetest red wine I ever had in my life. Nothing for wine lovers.

And we paid a good price. 6 Euro for almost three hours. Alfredo’s price was a bit better than all the other agencies in town. We knew why when the tour started. Two people had to share one seat in the car. Well, it was ‘only’ a half an hour drive. And the way back home felt even shorter. Alfredo’s akward laughing helped to survive the situation.

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