#day266 – purple corn ice cream

No joke, they eat ice cream made out of corn here in Peru. Not the corn we know though. It’s a special kind of corn, which grows mainly in Southamerica. Chica Morada. Or Maíz Morada.

It could be the next hipster superfood. It’s not only the name, that makes it fancy. The corn is purple. A beautiful hipster purple.

The most common way to consume it, is by drinking it. You can get a fresh drink on the street or an industrial lemonade in the supermarket.

I want to try it since a while but was most of the time not in the mood for a sweet drink. When I spotted the ice cream today I knew, it’s my chance. Ice cream can be super sweet.

And of course, it was incredible sweet. It wasn’t too bad, but I’ll go again for chocolate ice cream the next time. Or lucuma ice cream. I might give the drink a try though.

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