#day265 – red cap

Since we’re hanging out with the riders almost all day long, I was so lucky to get a red cap today. It’s actually a riders cap, but there have been some left and so I got one as well. Pretty cool. I can pretend to be a rider now. Everyone in Huacachina knows, what a red cap means.

Due to the Swiss embassy as the sponsor of the event, it’s a red cap. I like red accessories, but I usually don’t really like me with a cap. I don’t own a cap. I even travel without a cap or a hat. This one is quite cool, though. This one comes with a story. And besides being a fashion piece it’s indeed practical. Sun is burning here.

To complete my new style I ordered an additional beer, when we were lying on the pool. Cusquena, the local beer from Cusco. Tasty beer in a can with a picture of Machu Picchu. Like that. Life is good in the oasis.

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