#day264 – joining the first sandboarding world cup

What a funny coincidence. Shortly after we arrived in Huacachina the sandboarding world cup started . Actually it started today and it’s the first world cup ever. It lasts for five days and 40 riders will compete in four different categories.

The organisation team is from Switzerland and the whole competition is supported by the Swiss embassy. Pretty funny, just because there’s no sand in Switzerland. One goal is making the extreme sport famous. They claim, that the conditions for sandboarding are actually better than for snowboarding. Sand doesn’t vanish. Sand lies year round in the dunes. In comparison to snow, you’re not controlled by the weather.

After day one I can say it’s a cute contest. Everything is a bit unprofessional but the boys are in a good mood and give their best. Even though the competitors are quite international (France, Spain, Austria, Chile, Brasil) it seems that a Peruvian guy will win the world cup. He’s almost flying down the dune. We’ll see. It looks like we are going to be here for a while.

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