#day263 – sandboarding in the dunes

When in Huacachina you have to do sandboarding. It’s a must do. 200 meters high sand dunes are just too inviting.
I’m not a snowboarder. I go skiing since round about 20 years and had never been on a snowboard my entire life. I’m happy with my ski, I was never really in the need to try ist.

I was looking forward to try sandboarding though. It sounds funny and when I have to decide I prefer sand instead of snow. If you don’t want to do it by yourself you can book one of the buggy&boarding tours in town. It’s a combination of a bit sandboarding and a buggy drive through the dunes. I didn’t want to walk up the steep dune anyways. Perfect.

The tour was cool, even though we didn’t  do real sandboarding. We slided down the dune on our belly. Two times. No, that’s not what boarders do, I know. It was a lot of fun though. We were cruising around the desert for one or two hours in our buggy. With a nice sunset and an overview of the oasis in the end. First sandboarding experience? Más or menos.

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