#day262 – oasis life

After a long and windy night bus we finally arrived in the warmth. In an oasis, a real desert oasis. Huacachina is a tiny little village in the middle of a huge sand dune close to the coast. A wonderful place on earth.

The little lake retrospective oasis is surrounded by big palms, steep dunes and some hostels. It’s a tourist place, but for a reason. It’s beautiful and somehow a bit strange. You just leave the big and ugly city Ica and you’re in the middle of a gigantic sand dune.

Others are fascinated by mountains. I’m fascinated by sand dunes. I enjoy it even more because I’m finally healthy again. I can eat something tasty again. It makes everything better. Too bad they only have pizza and pasta here. Who thinks, tourists want fast food only? I want seafood. I try to be patient.

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