#day261 – Peruvian pedicure

Beauty day 2. After the full body massage  yesterday I needed a pedicure today. Not only because my feet earn it after the trekking, I’m additionally still sick and can’t eat proper food. I have to cheer me up and I wanted a pedicure since Bolivia anyways.

I guess it was the second pedicure in my whole life at all. My last and first one must have been ten years ago. I even can’t remember it.

My first Peruvian pedicure was out of the chain. My feet look like little baby feet again. They are so soft. The best part was the nail polish though. I could choose between a minimum of ten different red colours. Hard decision. My colour is a bit flashy (it didn’t look that fancy in the shelf) but I’m satisfied. I’m ready for beach and warmer weather now. Jihaaaa.

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