#day260 – Peruvian-Swedish massage

Still sick. I don’t feel as bad as on top of Machu Picchu, but there’s still something going on in my belly. Since I was so looking forward to an after-trekking-massage days before we started I wanted to have a massage today. A full body massage.

Cusco is the best place therefore. Dozens of massage studios. Hard competition, good prices. You just have to walk through the alleys and you’ll get several offers.

I followed a recommendation and went to a small and simple studio. I choose the Swedish massage, because it was supposedly a hard one. I prefer it hard, there’s nothing worse than a softie massage.

Even though my masseuse was a trainee and didn’t really speak with me, neither English nor Spanish, it was an okayish massage. Not the best one I ever had but a good value for money. The feet part was a bit too short, but that’s alright. I’m planning to get a pedicure as well tomorrow.

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