#day259 – inca gold waffles

Back in Cusco and I’m still sick. I have decided to eat only dry stuff for a couple of days. Cookies, bread and bananas. I hope it accelerates my healing process.
I found the best food in the supermarket therefore. Lucuma waffles.

Lucuma is a superfood, a fruit, which I know from Chile. It’s also called ‘gold of the incas’, because they used it as an elixir 2000 years ago. It’s supposedly good for digestion. Hence the perfect medicine for me right now.

Even though 88% of the world production are produced in Peru, I tried it in Chile for the first time. I never ate the plain fruit yet, but Lucuma icecream and beer is delicious.

People say the taste is mix between maple syrup and sweet potato. Others say it’s a mix between mango and apricot. I actually can’t say how it tastes. I only know it’s a super tasty fruit and I think it has a bit coffee taste as well.

I’m pretty sure these waffles are the best elixir for my current disease. I’ll be superfit again in a couple of days.

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