#day258 – Machu Picchu

Final day. After 5 days of hard trekking and camping, snow and heat, uphill and downhill hiking, we finally saw Machu Picchu. One of the seven wonders in the world. One of the highlights of every Southamerica trip. And little Resi? Sick, totally sick. Not because Salkantay was too hard for her. I had heavy stomach problems, when you know what I mean.

I already felt quite bad when we started the day at 3am in the morning. Our last challenge: one hour of climbing up steep stairs in the dark to reach the entrance. I made it and saw the sunrise over Machu Picchu, but it was damn cold and I was fucking exhausted. I couldn’t really enjoy it honestly. Such a pitty.

Later on sun was coming up. I was able to take the obligatory pictures. Most of the time I lay on the meadow though and tried to concentrate on the view. On Wayna Picchu, what means little mountain in Quechua, an indigenous language. Machu Picchu means big hill by the way. It’s definitely impressive. The view, the whole site and the story behind.

But my bad luck was actually even a bit more impressive. It was maybe my worst day since I’m in Southamerica. Health wise. But yeah, that’s life. And the past five days have been great even without the final. At least I had a final. Could have been worse.

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