#day257 – walking along the most expensive railways

The road to Machu Picchu ends in a village called Hidroeléctrica. From there you have to take a train to Aqua Calientes, Machu Picchu Pueblo, or you can walk ten kilometres along the railway track to town. The city from where you enter Machu Picchu.

Even on day four we walked more than 20 kilometers in total, but it wasn’t that hard. Almost all the time straight and just short uphill sections. I enjoyed the walk along the railway track. Sun was shining brightly, the vegetation and mountain view was beautiful and we were trekking straight to our final.

We had to walk directly on the railway track sometimes, especially when it turned into a bridge for a short while. The train sounds a horn in every bend to let you know in advance when he is crossing your way. But it’s still exciting. And impressive when the train drives past.

Even more when you know it’s the most expensive train in the world. That’s what I heard. The whole drive from Aqua Calientes to Cusco about three hours costs 600 dollars. Insane. Machu Picchu is definitely not a sale of the century. Well, once in a lifetime. Tomorrow.

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