#day256 – Santa Teresa hot springs

Hot springs, which are named after me. Like that. Even more after three days of trekking without a shower. Today was a more or less easy hike of six hours up- and downhill though. We reached our camp already at three in the afternoon. We just throwed our luggage in the tent and hopped on the bus to the hot springs.

Those hot springs are definitely one of the best I’ve been swimming in since I’m in Southamerica. And I know several ones already. The worst had been the hot springs on the Salar Uyuni Tour. It was quite similar. Everybody was looking forward to a bit water after two days without a shower. The problem was the thermal bath was a tiny little hole in the ground. Filled up with many backpackers. The water was, let’s say not enjoyable.

The hot springs today, my hot springs, have been a real pleasure. Three large pools with warm to hot water and an incredible view of the mountains. Furthermore with a natural hot shower to wash ourselfs at least a bit before we jumped into the water. This was nice.

We spent two hours in the water. Pretty good for our stressed muscles. The recovery was urgent. Tomorrow will be the last trekking day before we finally visit the world wonder on day 5. I start getting  nervous.

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