#day255 – mio mio make-up

Backpacking and make-up are two things, which don’t fit together. I have to  admit, I carry a little make-up bag with me, but the use is seldom. Just for special days. Well, and sometimes when I feel like a bit colour in my face.

I actually don’t have a problem to leave the house without make-up (you better shouldn’t when you’re backpacking), but sometimes it’s good for the charisma.

The combination trekking and make-up is even worse. Rouged girls next to a shitting alpaca in the mountains are a laugher. No, mascara is not necessary here.

When our guide showed us some natural make-up today, all girls were happy though. Natural stuff is something different. Plant make-up is allowed.

It was a flower called Mio Mio, which produces a strong red pigment. We just had to squeeze the blossom and we had a red colour on our finger. I put a bit lipstick on. Red lips are sexy. The alpacas will love it.

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