#day254 – trekking the Salkantay

One of Southamerica’s highlights is waiting. The Machu Picchu visit. From Cusco you can take a train or you can go trekking for some days with the visit on the final day. It makes it even more special. It’s a bit like earning the visit after  some hard days of trekking. That’s what we want to do.

The most famous trek is the so called Inka Trek. Only 500 people per day are allowed to start the trek. The trek is booked out months before. People usually have to book it six months in advance. Hence not an option for us.

The Salkantay Trek is a good alternative. It’s a 68 kilometers long trek for five days. It’s even a bit more challenging than the Inka Trek. Three nights in a tent, freezing cold nights, walking uphill for hours, no shower, no internet. Sounds hard. It will be hard. Let’s pray for good weather. There’s nothing worse than heavy rain.

The first day is already done and was quite alright. Weather is good so far and the hike wasn’t too exhausting today. Really good, that we’re allowed to give some of our luggage to the horses. We don’t have to carry our sleeping bag this time. That helps a lot.

Tonight is going to be the coldest night. Tomorrow is going to be the hardest trekking day. Machu Picchu still seems far far away. We definitely work hard to reach the world wonder.

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