#day253 – water bottle travel gear

Everyone was laughing about me, when I said I need a practical carry bag for my water bottle. The problem is, my daypack is unfortunately too small for a big water bottle and I have to carry it with my hands all the time. That sucks.

Since quite a while I see those touristy bottle carrier in every second tourist shop. I’m thinking about buying it since weeks now. Today I just did it. I needed a reason and now I have one. We’ll start a five-day-trek tomorrow and I have to carry at least two bottles of water. That’s my chance. Now or never.

There’s no better place to buy such things than the street market. The variety is huge. Most of the things here are with a Machu Picchu picture or a Cusco sign though. I don’t want to have none of it. I want a simple one. Just the indigenous pattern. Nothing else.

I found one and I already love it. With an additional pair of alpaca socks and a rain poncho I’m prepared for the trek now.

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