#day251 – watching Condors

One of the selling points of our canyon tour is the possibility to see Condors. A huge and heavy bird, which is pretty rare nowadays and therefore hard to spot. The Peruvian Andes region is one of the best places to see them in whole Southamerica though. I’m actually not that much interested in birds but when it’s something special, well, I try to join the euphoria.

The tour brought us to a so called Condor watching spot, where we spent 30 minutes to try our luck. A 30 minutes chance to see one of the 30 Condors, who still live in the canyon. We weren’t lucky. Some people said they saw one, but I’m not sure if it was a Condor what they spotted.

Others of our group claimed to see one while we were trekking or while they looked out of the bus window. Maybe. I only know, I haven’t seen one. But you have to know I’m pretty bad in bird watching or wildlife spotting in general. It’s always the same. People freak out and start yelling ‘look over there and there’. I always yell back ‘where, where exactly’. Then they try to explain it, but before I’ve seen anything the animal disappeared. Disappointing, but I’m used to it.

Today I thought I’m a bit too young for bird watching anyways. It’s a daddy thing. Exactly that kind of an outdoor activity, my dad would love to do. I was thinking of him while we stared into the canyon and enjoyed the wonderful lookout.

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