#day250 – third deepest canyon in the world

I heard the Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world. Our guide today told us it’s actually the third deepest. The deepest one is in China and the second deepest is in Nepal. But it’s at least the deepest in America and deeper than the Grand Canyon in the States.

Since the canyon is a bit far away from Arequipa, we decided to do a two-days-trek and stay one night in the canyon. It’s worth it. They picked us up at 3am in the morning and we started trekking with sunrise. We walked the whole day up- and downhill in an unique landscape. On narrow paths along steep mountains.

A swimming pool at the end of the day was our motivation to hike faster. And I thought we were really fast, but we arrived after sunset and saw our pool only in the dark. Unfortunately too cold to go into the water.

My favorite place had been our lunch spot. The place where the picture was taken. A cute little restaurant in the middle of the canyon. I enjoyed an amazing view while I ate my avocado omelette. So peaceful.

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