#day249 – fabulous fake havaianas

The most beautiful shoes I ever had are gone. My original black havaianas, which I bought in Rio during the world cup in 2014. They weren’t normal shoes. They were extremly good looking as well as really practical, multifunctional and cozy.

After thousands of kilometres they died on the El Choro Trek two weeks ago. I don’t know how it happened. I forgot them under the table and received them back broken. I was almost crying when I had to trash them. Rest in peace, you little wonderful pair of shoes.

Since then I was looking for new ones. I knew it could be hard to get a good replacement. But it was actually  impossible. They’re produced around the corner in Brazil but you can’t find them in Bolivia. Neither originals nor faked ones. Not even any kind of flip flops. Thanks god it was cold in La Paz and I could wear my sneakers all the time.

Peru finally offered me a little market with fake havaianas. I bought black flip flops with a little Brazilian flag. The only thing they have in common with my old ones are the color. But I don’t want to complain. I own new shoes for less than four Euros.

And the best is the brand name: Itapema Anatomica. Seriously, I don’t write it wrong. They are not from Ipanema, Copacabanas wonderful neighbour. They are from Itapema. Hilarious and definitely something special. I’ll order havaianas online as soon as I’m back home.

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