#day248 – Peruvian sunrise

I finally made it to Peru. Almost two months in Bolivia are over. I had an amazing time, but now it’s time to move on. I’m really looking forward to explore a new country now. New money, new food, new landscape, new culture (maybe). I’m keen about my fifth country in Southamerica and what it has to offer.

Our first stop in Peru is Arequipa, the so called White City, a colonial town with many old and beautiful buildings. And it’s a bit warmer there than in most of the places I’ve been to the last two months. Great. I sorely need sun and warmth.

The night bus to cross the border was my first tourist bus since I’m in Southamerica. I’m used to be the only tourist in the night bus. Last night it was the other way around. One local only in the whole bus.

We arrived at 5am in the morning. Best time to enjoy my first sunrise in Peru with overlooking volcano El Misti from a rooftop terrace in town. The volcano is the symbol of the city and people here are very proud of it. Looking over a snowcovered volcano while sitting on a sunny rooftop terrace is indeed something special.

Since we had been a bit exhausted from the night bus, we took it easy today. Tomorrow we’ll join the tourist crowd.

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