#day247 – lama selfie

I got really close to one of the best Southamerican creatures today. A lama. And I finally managed it to take a selfie with it, because we both were alone and it was leashed on a rope. I don’t like to take selfie when someone is watching. It’s too embarassing.

I actually don’t know if it’s a lama or an alpaca. I learnt here in Southamerica that there’s a difference. For me they look almost the same. The main difference is the size and the wool. Alpacas are smaller and wear more hair. Means they look actually a bit sweeter than lamas.

My buddy was lying today, but he looked big and he wasn’t that hairy, that’s why I guess it was a lama.

Do you see his ears? They are like horses. When they find something suspicious they pull their ears back. Attention, I’m not sure what’s going on right know. Well, even if he didn’t complain, I saw he wasn’t enjoying our photo session. I made my selfie and went onwards. I didn’t pet it. It’s better to observe them. Funny animals.

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