#day246 – private balcony over Lake Titicaca

I’m back on Isla del Sol. The difference is I’m staying overnight this time. Way better than the day trip. We could explore the island by ourselfs without a running tour guide and the time pressure to catch the last boat.

After we chose an accommodation we didn’t want to leave our place for trekking though. One of the best balconies I had so far. And there were no people at all.

Sitting alone at the balcony, overlooking the calm and deep blue lake with snowcovered mountains in the background, I felt really thankful. Thankful for the possibility to explore the other side of the world without any borders, totally free.

You get used to wonderful views when you’re a long time traveller. You forget how special it is, right here, right now. The balcony reminded me that today though. The little island is a really peaceful place on earth and definitely worth a visit. Or a return, such as I did.

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