#day245 – partying with Paolo Nutini

The perfect ending of an amazing stay in La Paz or let’s say Bolivia in general. A party night with Paolo Nutini, a famous singer-songwriter from Scotland. Are you prepared for a great story? Here we go.

Our hostel has an own bar, an Irish pub, which is supposedly the highest Irish Pub in the world. There’re parties every night. Yes, we’re staying in a party hostel.
Anyways when I was sitting in the Irish pub in the afternoon a guy told me, a famous singer will be around tonight. He doesn’t know him, but some girls freaked out already.

I was the next one after I heard, who is coming. I couldn’t believe, Paolo Nutini will be here in Bolivia, in the same hostel as I am. Sounded too crazy. All the Bolivians, Americans and Australians don’t know him, but I promised them it will be a special thing for the Europeans at least.

It happened indeed. He showed up around 9pm and stayed the whole night to party. Surrounded by young British girls without bra’s but a lot of lipstick. And sometimes me. Since it’s a bit embarrassing, I needed a Chuflay before I asked him for a picture. He was really nice. And he had to pose for pictures a dozen times. A real conversation with him was a bit difficult though.

But do you know what’s actually the funniest fact? I sat already next to him at the bar yesterday. A friend tried to convince me to speak to him. She didn’t know it’s Paolo, she just thought he is cute. I said something like, he is too young and showed no interest. I didn’t recognized him. I mean who expects Paolo in La Paz? And his huge finger ring scared me a bit. But when he and his friend didn’t finish their fries, we kindly offered help and ate the leftovers. Today I know: I ate Paolo’s fucking fries!!! I just figured it out because he was wearing the same finger ring tonight.

Such a weird coincidence for my last night in La Paz, the city I really felt in love with and where I spent two weeks in total. I went to bed really happy. It was the perfect ending. Now it’s time to move onwards. Thanks for an amazing time, La Paz!

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