#day244 – traffic strike day

Someone told me, there’s a demonstration almost every day in La Paz. And it’s true, I saw several in between the past two weeks. Since they are always accompanied by marching bands, I initially thought they’re street parades. People, who are celebrating. The opposite is the case. Bolivians are complaining their political and social situation.

Today was a special strike though. No marching bands. The city was wrapped in a mystical silence today. The whole transportation network striked. Especially buses and vans are the main transportation vehicle here. Private cars are really rare. When you see a car it’s mostly a taxi. Hence streets were deserted.

Funny to see the main road through town totally dead. The road where the bus to the moon valley usually leaves. Our plan for today was visiting the moon valley, an interesting rock formation just a few kilometres out of town. We had to cancel it. What a pity.

My creativity striked as well. I had no idea what to do instead. We ended up hanging out on the main square next to the Basilica San Francesco for quite a while. Observing locals. Even though I never thought La Paz stressful or frenetic, the silence was actually enjoyable. Once in a lifetime, that you can see someone biking on the street in La Paz.

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