#day243 – care package from home

My long-awaited little package from home arrived. Finally. There’re things, which are quite important in my everyday, but hard to get or way too expensive here in Bolivia.

Products from the drugstore for example. Even if it hurts, I can buy a shower gel or a lip balm for three Euros, but sun cream for ten Euros? No, I can’t. It’s too painful. Regarding drugstore prices we’re absolutely spoiled in Germany. It’s almost everywhere in the world more expensive.

That’s why I kindly asked my mum to send my some things. Not per mail of course. It would be a bit senseless. Via a friend, who arrived in town today.
Lucky me, I’m fully equipped again, including razor blades and mascara.

And I proudly own a protective cover for my backpack now. I thought it works without one, I hadn’t one when I travelled through Southeastasia as well, but I have to admit I’m tired of getting a dirty and dusty backpack back after a bus drive. It’s a useful thing, which I will love to carry around from now on. Thanks, mum!

The best and most surprising content of the package was a painting of my niece though. She is still in kindergarten, but already able to write my name. Next to her name. And a wonderful painted sun, a moon, a rainbow and some stars and hearts. ‘I miss you’ is written on the back side. Awww, I miss you, too, my dear! A lot.

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