#day242 – playing a puppet piano

While I walked through ‘Little Italy’ yesterday I figured out La Paz has some interesting little museums to offer. There’s even a so called museums street, where you can buy one ticket for five different museums.

Well, five museums on one day for a museums-hater might be a bit tough, but I wanted to give at least one museum a try. I chose the Museo de Instrumentos Musicales de Bolivia, the museum of musical instruments. The entrance fee of  five Bolivianos (less than one Euro) is rather a small donation than a ticket price.

Hence I didn’t expect information boards in English, some historical details in Spanish would have been fine. There were no informations at all. Exhibition objects only. At least there were interesting. Especially the section with indigenous guitars. They made guitars out of turtles and armadillos. The body of sound was made of the shells.

The best part was the interactive room though, where visitors are allowed to touch and play different instruments. And they had a few pianos as well. Including one of the smallest pianos I’ve ever seen. And the sound wasn’t that bad. I showed my talent by playing the German kids song Alle meine Entchen lefthanded. Funny. I only made a video and forgot to take a picture of the puppet piano. Sorry, guys. You get a photo of the drums though.

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